Sell your home faster, with no surprises

Before you put your home on the market, consider the home seller inspection services available from Barry Sigler Inspections.  Our professional home inspectors will provide you with a clear understanding of your home’s condition, including recommendations for property enhancements. You can then decide which improvements you’d like to make before listing your home or adjust the sale price to reflect the estimated cost of any repairs. Either way, Barry Sigler Inspections will give you, potential buyers, and real estate agents greater confidence in the condition of the property.   

Preparing a House for a Home Inspection

  1. Ensure that the utilities are on. (If they have been off, do not turn the water main on until someone is there).
  2. Secure pets. Indoor cats and dogs should be crated, so the inspector and the buyers can easily move throughout the house without fearing the animal will get lost or injured.  This is also less stressful to the pets.  Outside pets should be secured so the inspector can inspect all exterior areas without being in contact with the animal.
  3. Access to the electric power panel should be clear of all storage items and furniture. If the panel has been enclosed or altered, it should be made accessible again.
  4. The access to the furnace and water heater should be clear of all obstructions, storage and furnishings for inspection.
  5. Unusual locations for access to crawl spaces and attics should be noted to the inspector.
  6. Attic accesses should be cleared of obstructions. If it is in a closet, all items should be removed and shelves taken down to allow access.
  7. All obstructions to a crawl space access should be moved to allow clear entry.
  8. Basement walls and floors should be accessible for inspection. Shelves, storage, and floor coverings should not impede the inspection of these areas.
  9. Windows should be clear of decorations.  Blinds should be up to allow the inspector to operate the windows.
  10. Doors should not be blocked to allow access by the inspector.
  11. Kitchen and bathroom sinks should be cleared of any obstructions that would prohibit the inspector from filling them with water.

Remember, the inspector is there to inspect the home and its components to include issues dealing with fire, safety, health and structural or mechanical elements in the home. The house does not need to be “on display” as it was for the buyer to walk through when the offer was made. Areas need to be accessible. The inability of an inspector to access any area of the home may delay a closing. 

For Homeowners

Gain peace of mind in the current condition of your home

Part of the joy of owning a home is being able to make renovations and improvements to truly make it your own. But which projects do you tackle first? With homeowner inspection services from Barry Sigler Inspections, we’ll help you learn more about the current condition of your home, prioritize any maintenance needs, and identify any potential home issues before they become major repairs. And if you hire a contractor to work on your house, a Barry Sigler Inspection will confirm if the work was done correctly. Our knowledgeable and experienced inspectors will help you develop a solid plan for current needs and future updates. You’ll know what to focus your efforts on and when, so you can keep your home safe, secure, and in solid condition throughout the seasons, for years to come. 


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